Q45 – Have the surrounding areas of the ‘Horseshoe’ been searched?

Where Corrie can be seen walking down the road before he walks into the horseshoe area is huge area of business premises / private shopes / empty properties, it runs parallel with St Johns Street, Short Brackland Street and ends up where it meets Well Street down at the bottom.

Corrie could have easily got into this area.

That has not been forensically search, every room has not been entered. 

The only people that can search this area are the Police.

The Police have made some efforts, they have had equipment up to be able to look on top of the buildings and they have had some aerial footage given to them.

The Police have done some door to door; they have had civilians knock on doors with bits of paper asking them if they have been aware of anything happening to Corrie, or if they have heard anything that night.

This took place about 7 weeks after Corrie went missing. 

This is an area that should be searched in the exact same manner the horseshoe was searched.

The Police only found out, about 10 weeks after Corrie went missing, about the Council Industrial bins slightly down Short Brackland Street and have started looking into them.  This is an area similar to the horseshoe, there is not CCTV footage in this area.

Corrie could not have left this area without being seen on CCTV