3 Possible Outcomes – 20th November Update

Corrie McKeague

3 possible outcomes have been identified from the outset. We can now provide a little more detail on each:

  1. Still in the ‘Horseshoe’ area (The loading bay area behind the shops at the intersection of Short Brackland and Brentgovel Streets).
  2. Left on foot
  3. Left in a vehicle


  • It has been 58 days since Corrie vanished. It is entirely out of character.
  • The family, the RAF and the Police Investigation team, none of us believe Corrie disappeared by choice.
  • Corrie is not still in the last place he was seen on CCTV.
  • Corrie did not leave that area on foot before 0800hrs 24/09.
  • There are only 4 vehicles that were in the area before 0800hrs 24/09.
  • Of the 16 people identified, who were in that area at the same time – none of them saw Corrie.
  • 8 weeks later, there are still 23 unidentified people who were there. Somebody knows something.