Q49 – Are you sure that Corrie could not walk out without being seen on CCTV?

Not even Jason Bourne or 007 could get out on foot without being seen on CCTV let alone a drunk Corrie.

This has physically been tested by the Police and theoretically by the Military.

It is NOT possible to leave on foot without being seen…UNLESS it is AFTER 1600hrs (4pm) on Saturday afternoon as the Police do not have CCTV after that time.

***Corrie could walk around the area and could access buildings that have not been forensically searched.*** 

Even if Corrie gained access to these buildings he would be seen coming out.

***Update from the 30th January 2017

The entire area has now been ‘cleared’, with no trace of Corrie discovered.

For the full update please see the most recent FAQ – Q54 Has the horseshoe and surrounding area, where corrie could have walked, been searched? 

End Update

The following update explains further:

Possible routes without being seen on CCTV – Bury St Edmunds