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Your Questions - Answered!

Q55 – Was Corrie definitely with friends?

Yes Corrie was with friends, the ones from his base, he met up with them in So Bar. They left So bar and went to Wetherspoons. They left, Corrie then chatted with one of his friends opposite the side door of LP’s and then they walked together. Corrie walked straight past the bouncer on the …

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Q54 – Has the Horseshoe and surrounding area where Corrie could have walked, without being seen on CCTV, been searched?

There is an area (a section of Short Brackland) outside the actual Horseshoe where Corrie could have walked without being seen on CCTV, however Corrie could not go outside this area. The entire area has now been ‘cleared’, with no trace of Corrie discovered. The Bins that were recovered in December were forensically examined and …

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Q53 – Why have you used MIS and not someone else or some other company?

MIS are focusing on the Collection & Collation activities, in support of the MIT investigation work. This is why we brought in an Intelligence Services organization to begin with, not a Private Investigator (which we may yet do – although we would only use one that does not sell stories to the national gutter press!). …

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Q52 – Have the Police answered any questions publicly?

Yes.  East Anglian Daily Times published 2 articles relating to Suffolk police answer key questions around Corrie McKeague disappearance in Bury St Edmunds The list of questions and answers can be found on our Suffolk Police Q&A page A copy of the article can be found on our Suffolk police answer key questions around Corrie …

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Q51 – Is Corrie going to be a father?

9th January 2017 – Update from Nicola (Corries mother)  and family in the Find Corrie 💙 Facebook Group: As most will be aware, April did an interview today with her mum and myself supporting her. This was an incredibly difficult day today for all of us. April has never done any press before and was …

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Q50 – Is it possible for Corrie to be one of the people still to be identified in the CCTV images?

Body Analysis has been carried out. None of the images are Corrie. Please take a look at the images of the people who still need to be identified. CCTV stills – Unidentified persons – 27th December 2016

Q49 – Are you sure that Corrie could not walk out without being seen on CCTV?

Not even Jason Bourne or 007 could get out on foot without being seen on CCTV let alone a drunk Corrie. This has physically been tested by the Police and theoretically by the Military. It is NOT possible to leave on foot without being seen…UNLESS it is AFTER 1600hrs (4pm) on Saturday afternoon as the …

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Q48 – Can a Psychic / Medium / Clairvoyant help?

At this time, Nicola (Corrie’s mother) and her family do NOT want Psychics/Mediums/Clairvoyants or their services. This is no disrespect to what they do or their abilities. If Nicola or her family which these services they will find a person that is for them. Please do NOT contact Nicola or her family regarding this matter. …

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Q47 – Does Nicola think the Police are hiding something by avoiding Nicola seeing the CCTV?

No, Nicola does not  think the police are hiding the CCTV. The Police are doing their absolute best to find Corrie but that is being constrained by the resources they have. The Police informed Nicola that they were to let somebody sit down to let her watch the CCTV that would mean that somebody wasn’t …

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Q46 – Can the public see the full CCTV?

Nicola has asked if she can view the CCTV, she been told yes, but she has not been allowed to yet. The Police have told her that they would put it on the disc, this still has not happened. Please also see Q47 – Does Nicola think the Police are hiding something by avoiding Nicola …

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Q45 – Have the surrounding areas of the ‘Horseshoe’ been searched?

Update from the 30th January 2017 The entire area has now been ‘cleared’, with no trace of Corrie discovered. For the full update please see the most recent FAQ – Q54 Has the horseshoe and surrounding area, where corrie could have walked, been searched?  End Update Original answer Where Corrie can be seen walking down …

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Q44 – Could Corrie be interested in men as well as women?

If Corrie was gay, he would be the fabulously proud gay man walking, he would not care who knew, he would be telling everyone. Corrie is extremely confident in his own sexuality, he has no issues with it whatsoever. Corrie is not gay; is he attractive to another men? yes. Does he like that attention? …

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Q43 – Has AWOL been ruled out?

It was never ruled in! – If someone is AWOL the Military would report as AWOL and then inform the police. The military never did this! The Military went straight to the police and reported Corrie as missing. Corrie is not AWOL – Corrie is missing.

Q42 – FB Group – Why has my post been deleted?

Update – 30th January 2017 Comments and submitted posts may be deleted for a number of reasons – please don’t take it personally if it happens to you. The reasons include: Repetition. Lack of factual basis (where known fact exists) upon which others may base further speculation, creating false collateral. Repetition Argumentative, disrespectful or bullying …

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Q41 – FB Group – Why hasn’t my post been posted yet?

The Admins on the page are all of Corrie’s family. It maybe that they have been busy during the day so have not been on Facebook to approve posts. His family do want to be able to read everything, so they don’t miss any vital information.

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