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Your Questions - Answered!

Q40 – FB Group – Why are comments turned off?

Update – 30th January 2017 The Facebook Group Find Corrie ♥, with118,000 people can get very busy. Comments will only be turned on for the following posts: – The Main update post – Search Activities Post (when applicable) – Just Giving Post (SULSAR) This is to make it possible for the family to read and …

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Q39 – Crimewatch be contacted?

Crimewatch is not currently on air again until March 2017.

Q38 – Why is this not national news?

It has been picked up on a couple of days by national news.

Q37 – Have Door to Door inquiries taken place in the area he was last seen in?

No, Police have carried out door to door in immediate line of sight of Corrie’s last known position.  The family, unhappy with this, arranged for leaflets to be delivered to doors in the area.   Police then made their own leaflets and had RAF personnel in civilian clothes deliver these to houses. Please also see Q45. …

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Q36 – Has the Five ways roundabout been searched?

Yes, along with the route from Bury St Edmunds to Barton Mills.

Q35 – Have they searched RAF Honington base?


Q34 – Have Rivers been searched?

Most have, some are still to be done.

Q33 – Have they searched the routes from Bury St Edmunds to RAF Honington?

Yes, The Police, the Dog team, Helicopter and the SULSAR search and rescue team have searched all possible routes from BSE to RAF.  More than once.

Q32 – Does Corrie have a girlfriend?

No, Corrie is happily single. 9th January 2017 – Update from Nicola (Corries mother) and family about comments made on  Find Corrie 💙 Facebook Group regarding News article re ” Missing Serviceman ‘to become a father’ “ As it is factually correct to be saying Corrie was single and enjoying this, as they were both …

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Q31 – Is Corrie Gay?

No. Please also see Q44. Could Corrie be interested in men as well as women?

Q30 – Have Corrie’s social media accounts been checked?

Yes, all of Corrie’s social media accounts have been checked. Corrie is a user of Tinder and Plenty of fish, instagram, facebook etc

Q29 – Has Corrie’s bank account been checked?

Yes, Corrie has not accessed his account since he was last seen.

Q28 – Was Corrie’s scent picked up at the Tesco roundabout?


Q27 – Has Corrie’s car been checked?


Q26 – Is Corrie AWOL?

No, Corrie has not been listed as AWOL. He has made no preparations to leave, no money had been put aside, all his clothes are still in his room, he had left his puppy in his room. There is no evidence to suggest Corrie has left through choice. Please also see Q43. Has AWOL been …

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