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Media – Update 30th January 2017

The family has maintained excellent relationships with those reputable news channels/outlets from the outset that are genuinely trying to help us raise the profile of our search for Corrie. We would like to recognize their professionalism and pass on our thanks for all their help so far. To the #findcorrie Twitter and FB self-appointed ‘broadcast’ …

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Fake Profiles and Accusations – Update 30th January 2017

REALLY? The next section is somewhat surreal to include, but it seems there is a need to say it for the benefit of one of the web forums which doesn’t seem to want to let fact get in the way of their theories! Rather than go the libel route, we’ll just state it here publicly …

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Vehicles – Update 30th January 2017

4 Vehicles (including the Bin Lorry) were seen in the Horseshoe area in the time window (between 0300 – 0500hrs) of interest. All of the vehicles have been identified. All of the drivers have been identified and spoken to. Active investigation into at least 2 of them continues. There are a number of other vehicles …

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Marham – Update 30th January 2017

Whilst the investigation into the Marham attempted abduction and Corrie’s disappearance are not actively being connected, it is equally true to say that no evidence yet exists to discount a connection.  As previously mentioned, the likelihood of terrorist involvement has been largely discounted, with a potential motive of sexual assault or a revenge attack deemed …

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CCTV – Update 30th January 2017

The Police are not currently asking for any assistance with identifying anymore people from the CCTV images. If this changes, they will let us know. The MIT team continues to provide access to the CCTV footage to Nicola.

Corries Mobile Phone – Update 30th January 2017

[This section is unchanged from the previous update] Corrie’s black, Nokia Lumia 435 phone, which was in a black leather case, is still missing. Please be on the look out for it. Corrie’s phone pinged the Barton Mills micro-mast in a time indicating it could have only travelled in a vehicle. Micro-masts are directional. The …

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The Bin Lorry(s) / Refuse Site(s) – Update 30th January 2017

The irresponsible ‘journalism’ by a National newspaper that wrongly named one of the Biffa employees as being the driver who was on duty that night, is reprehensible.  The Police were made aware of their intent to publish by Nicola when one of their staff door-stepped her and told her about it whilst attempting to solicit …

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The Horseshoe Search – Update 30th January 2017

The entire area has now been ‘cleared’, with no trace of Corrie discovered. The Bins that were recovered in December were forensically examined and returned no trace either. This is a FAQ: The whole area which has now been searched and cleared includes external Roof areas, internal roof spaces, inside all of the buildings, the …

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Volunteer Search – Update 30th January 2017

Our thanks yet again to all of the teams from Suffolk, Essex, Norfolk and Cambridgeshire Search and Rescue, again supported by 4×4 Response crews who helped orchestrate the search on the 22nd. In addition, the Drone flight and search dog teams from all over the country! Again, I would like to emphasise that these searches …

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Funds and McKenzie Intelligence Services – Update 30th January 2017

The Fundraising that was organized by members of the Find Corrie 💙 group, which raised £53,100 (approximately £49,000 after Just Giving take their fee) is being administrated by a professionally certified Accountancy firm, which is not paid for from the funds donated, as previously committed to by me (Tony Wringe). The expenditure to date is …

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Find Corrie 💙 FB Group and Fundraising – Update 30th January 2017

1.Comments will only be turned on for the following posts: The Main update post Search Activities Post (when applicable) Just Giving Post (SULSAR) This is to make it possible for the family to read and moderate where necessary, all of the comments on the page – to ensure nothing important is missed and that trolls …

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Suffolk police answer key questions around Corrie McKeague disappearance in Bury St Edmunds (Part 2)

Suffolk police answer key questions around Corrie McKeague disappearance in Bury St Edmunds (Part 2) Following on from yesterday’s Q&A with Suffolk Constabulary about the Corrie McKeague investigation, here are further questions the force has answered, including some posed by Corrie’s mother Nicola Urquhart. Q: Why was there a delay in buildings in Short Brackland …

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Suffolk police answer key questions around Corrie McKeague disappearance in Bury St Edmunds (Part 1)

Suffolk police answer key questions around Corrie McKeague disappearance in Bury St Edmunds (Part 1) Since his unexplained disappearance in Bury St Edmunds more than four months ago, Corrie McKeague has become a source of national attention as the search to find him gathers thousands of supporters. Suffolk police has come under unprecedented levels of …

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SULSAR update on the second public search for Corrie

As many of you are aware today saw the second public search for #CorrieMckeague. I have to report that despite the enormous effort by all who attended today we are no closer to finding Corrie, as no clues of any type were found. Thanks must go to everyone who turned out in extremely cold conditions …

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Heart East Anglia News 22nd January 2017

SEARCH FOR MISSING CORRIE MCKEAGUE Four months since RAF serviceman Corrie McKeague disappeared search teams from across the country were out looking for him today. More than 1 hundred people took part in searches in areas around Barton Mills and Bury St Edmunds. The 23 year old went missing after a night out in Bury …

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