CCTV – 3rd December Update

The family asked for the pod to be placed in the centre of Bury to allow the public to view the CCTV to try and help identify the 23 unidentified persons that had been captured on film. Despite a lack of Police resources to keep the pod open and operating at accessible times for the many people who wanted to assist, it was an outstanding success – there are now only 10 unidentified individuals remaining, following the Pod CCTV review. Investigation to discount those who were identified continues.

The Investigation team will release another set of images for public scrutiny in the next few days – they will be shared on the Find Corrie Facebook Group when we get them.

Nicola and Darroch wish to thank everyone who came out to the pod and has been handing out leaflets. Many of you met and spoke with them – their overriding experience was one of heartfelt goodwill towards them and a sincere desire to do everything to help #findcorrie. The support this gives cannot be measured – thank you so much.