Corrie McKeague – Lifestyle – Update 20th December 2016

Much speculation has been made around the reputation of Barton Mills Services as a swinger/dogging meeting site and the fact that Corrie’s phone pinged a mast there, combined with an interview comment about Corrie’s “lifestyle” – my response to that is:

Firstly, it has never actually been established that Corrie was ever at Barton Mills that night, indeed once the investigation started acting upon intelligence instead of information, it was recognised that this was not supported by the evidence. Secondly…

Corrie is a work hard, play hard lad. Less of a ‘Social Butterfly’ and more of a social hand grenade.

His “lifestyle” choice would be to get in to town with his mates or his brothers and have a drink and a laugh. He is a showman and a clown – immediately willing to do something daft to make people laugh. If there’s a party nearby, he’ll find it.

He’s also a lady’s man who will wander off from the group constantly to say hello to the ladies and try his luck; this makes him quite lucky. 😶

The lads are used to him separating from the group and not turning up for a day or two at the weekend.