Fake Profiles and Accusations – Update 30th January 2017

The next section is somewhat surreal to include, but it seems there is a need to say it for the benefit of one of the web forums which doesn’t seem to want to let fact get in the way of their theories! Rather than go the libel route, we’ll just state it here publicly (I won’t post the screen shots we have that identify the fake profiles that have been used, including the ones pretending to be me and Nicola).

[In Nicola’s own words]. For those that believe Darroch drove to Bury to kill or hide his brother; Darroch was in Dunfermline in his bed (this can be proved as his phone would be registered on the mast) talking to his brother on the Friday night.  Darroch was then at his work at 0700 hours on the Saturday until 1700 hours.  This can be corroborated by endless people and cctv.. It takes 7 hours to drive to Bury.  To those who support the pages and people that make comments like this about a 21 year old who is missing his best friend and brother, words fail me. they don’t actually fail me, but it most certainly would not be dignified to write it.