Family Update – 21st January 2017

Update posted on our Find Corrie 💙 Facebook Group

I would just like to take the time to say thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

To every single person on here that regardless of there own values, standards or beliefs is here to show support for a family that are going through something we never ever imagine will happen to us.
For every kind comment and every positively asked questions. For every suggestion and idea we read take on board thank you again.

From the day corrie went missing we have been desperate to find him, to get answers and to know we are doing everything we can to assist the police.

We know you are behind us every step of the way and we truly mean it when we say we would not have some of the action or answers we have been given it were not for the support from you on this page.

After the fantastic work that Forbes from MIS and his team have done, along side all the work now done by the police which we are incredibly grateful for and the searches by sulsar and the never ending support from the RAF we have now reached a stage where we simply have to wait for answers and updates, this is hard, we really do know this.

So things may go a little bit quiet but please don’t take this as negative. Far from it the quieter things are the the happier we are that absolutely everything is being done.

This also means that the money you have so generously donated is not being used unnecessarily which is a massive priority.

We are overwhelmed by the attention corrie has received, negative or positive in the press or social media and we try to deal with it the best way we can, sadly due to a tiny handful of people who are determined to cause divides and personal attacks by contacting the press, I have had sadly had to react.

Please don’t let this get you all down tho, we simply delete negative comments. No one needs to stay on the page if they do not want to be there, but if it’s a friendly supportive atmosphere where people feel valued it helps us all do what we’re here for which is find corrie x x x