Q40 – FB Group – Why are comments turned off?

Update – 30th January 2017

The Facebook Group Find Corrie ♥, with118,000 people can get very busy.

Comments will only be turned on for the following posts:

– The Main update post
– Search Activities Post (when applicable)
– Just Giving Post (SULSAR)

This is to make it possible for the family to read and moderate where necessary, all of the comments on the page – to ensure nothing important is missed and that trolls etc. are quickly removed.

End Update

Original Answer

The Facebook Group Find Corrie ♥, with 60,000 people can get very busy.

If all posts are left open to comment on the page becomes very difficult to follow and keep up with posts.

There will always be 1-2 open posts to comment on or for you to ask questions.

If you have a question that you require an answer to, post a comment on a open post rather than write a new post.