#FindCorrie Facebook Group – Update 20th December 2016

Find Corrie 💙 Facebook Group – Admin points

1. Comments will only be turned on for the following posts:

The Main update post
The Just Giving (Cheryl Hickman) Post
Search Activities Post
Christmas/Goodwill Messages Post

This is to make it possible for the family to read and moderate where necessary, all of the comments on the page – to ensure nothing important is missed and that trolls etc. are quickly removed.

Please post your comments in keeping with the Post topic – e.g. anything other than messages of goodwill will be deleted from the Christmas/Goodwill topic thread.

2. Comments and submitted posts may be deleted for a number of reasons – please don’t take it personally if it happens to you. The reasons include:

Lack of factual basis (where known fact exists) upon which others may base further speculation
Argumentative or disrespectful comments
Compromises or interferes with an active line of investigation
Refers to Psychics/Mediums/Clairvoyants or their services
Overtly advertises a Company, its products or services
Repetition! 😏

3. There are only 2 fund raising activities supported by the family:

The Just Giving Page, run by Cheryl Hickman (listed on the Group and website)
The SULSAR Just Giving Page

No others.

4. Please assume anybody else posting on the page has good intentions and shares the same goal as you, which is to help #findcorrie – until they demonstrate they don’t. Please treat each other with courtesy and respect, we may not always all agree, which is ok. “Be like Bill”…if you don’t like a comment, then ignore it or report it, but please don’t rise to it.

5. Please don’t tag multiple Admins. if you feel a post is of sufficient concern, then please just ‘Report’ it – that way all of the Admins will see it. If you think something is particularly pertinent to one of us individually, then please only tag that 1 Admin/family member. This will help us to be more responsive.

6. Before you post, especially if you have recently joined the site – Please check out the findcorrie.co.uk website (not corriemckeague.com – that site is a scammer who is hopefully about to get arrested, if he hasn’t already) for the FAQ’s, timeline and previous updates – it is very possible your question is answered in there. To help, I’m going to post a quick picture I’ve made to help people visualise the much mentioned ‘Horseshoe’ area where Corrie was last seen – again, photos exist on the website and Google maps will also help.