Find Corrie 💙 FB Group and Fundraising – Update 30th January 2017

1.Comments will only be turned on for the following posts:

  • The Main update post
  • Search Activities Post (when applicable)
  • Just Giving Post (SULSAR)

This is to make it possible for the family to read and moderate where necessary, all of the comments on the page – to ensure nothing important is missed and that trolls etc. are quickly removed.

The genuine information surrounding Corrie’s disappearance can be sourced from this Page. What we share here is an aggregation of information and intelligence from official Suffolk Police MIT & RAF sources (where permission to share publicly is given), SULSAR Searches, MIS collection & collation activities, other human & technical sources, Reward Line calls, Corrie’s & the Family’s social media accounts & archives…and over 118,000 friends from the local area and across the world. If you read it somewhere else, it is probably either just copied from here or speculation.

Unfortunately there are a small number of persistent trolls privately messaging members of the group with hateful or conspiracy theory type messages, in some cases on behalf of others, to serve perverse, personal agendas. We would please just ask you ignore or block these individuals or ‘report’ their posts – let’s not give them the publicity they crave. I have no respect or time for those who hide behind anonymity and seek to represent baseless opinion as fact.

2.Comments and submitted posts may be deleted for a number of reasons – please don’t take it personally if it happens to you. The reasons include:

  • Repetition.
  • Lack of factual basis (where known fact exists) upon which others may base further speculation, creating false collateral.
  • Repetition
  • Argumentative, disrespectful or bullying behaviour
  • Compromises or interferes with an active line of investigation
  • Refers to Psychics/Mediums/Clairvoyants or their services
  • Overtly advertises a Company, its products or services
  • Requests support for other personal campaigns or fund-raising


The just giving page reached (exceeded) its target, no further donations are being sought. The family would be delighted if anyone still wishing to make a donation would consider giving to SULSAR, to support the incredible work they do.

The whole extended family & friends, particularly:

The Urquhart’sNicola and hubby
The McKeague’sMakeyan, Darroch (and Corrie)
The Wringe’s Nanna Pat, Kerry and myself

Would like to thank every single one of you for your incredible generosity in money and time to SULSAR and the continued support to #findcorrie.

4.BEFORE YOU POST, especially if you have recently joined the site – PLEASE check out the www.findcorrie.co.uk WEBSITE for the FAQ’s, timeline and previous updates – it is very possible your question is answered in there. We now intend to answer any further repeat questions with a post directly to the website, with a comment to the person saying ‘FAQ’. We don’t do this to be rude, but to improve everyone’s understanding and involvement.