Forces TV – 4th November

Police Reassure Corrie’s Mum That They Are Doing All They Can

On Saturday the 5th November it will be exactly six weeks since RAF airman Corrie McKeague disappeared after a night out in Bury St Edmunds.

This week his family have criticised the handling of the investigation.

Corrie’s Mother Nicola Urquhart says it’s been difficult not to question the actions of police when members of the public have been giving her information.

Today Suffolk Police met with Corrie’s mother to reassure her that they’re doing all they can.

Corrie was last seen on CCTV in the early hours of September 24th.

Mrs Urquhart, a police officer from Fife, has spoken about her fears that her son got into a vehicle ‘willingly or unwillingly’.

Today she said the statement by police when Corrie first disappeared that there was ‘no third party involvement’ was a mistake.

A view echoed by Detective Superintendant Katie Elliott who is overseeing the investigation. Today she insisted the police have ‘always kept an open mind’ and third party involvement wasn’t being ruled out as a possibility.

The police officer also defended the investigation dismissing allegations that they hadn’t viewed vital CCTV footage and hadn’t had the resources needed.

[Source: Forces TV]

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