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Corrie’s Mum Makes Emotional Appeal To Forces TV

The mother of an RAF airman who has been missing for 72 days has made an emotional appeal to Forces TV.

Nicola Urquhart asked for anyone who might be involved in the disappearance of her son, Corrie McKeague, to come forward and end the family’s misery.

Speaking exclusively to us, she shared her growing fear that a third party is involved.

“If you’ve taken him and already done something to him then what more can you do other than just prolong this agony for us. Phone Crimestoppers, at least let us have him back. If you’ve still got him, please, just phone the police. Let somebody know where he is and let him come home.”

It comes as police prepare to release the images of 10 as yet unidentified people caught on CCTV the night he disappeared.

Police searching Corrie have identified 13 of 23 people captured on film from the night of his disappearance.

The people weren’t considered suspects, but police and Corrie’s family hoped they would be able to help rule out certain lines of enquiry.

Writing on the Find Corrie Facebook page, Corrie’s uncle Tony Wringe said it was now “forensically discounted” that Corrie had stayed in the Brentgovel Street area, where he was last seen on CCTV.

He said this left only two remaining possibilities – that the 23-year-old left on foot or in a vehicle – but that the latter was more likely as:

“We know for certain that Corrie did not walk out of that area before 1200 on Saturday (including not in other clothing) and has not been seen leaving on the footage viewed up until 1600 so far.”

Work on tracing any vehicle that Corrie got into either willingly or unwillingly is underway.

Police will release another set of images in the coming days, meanwhile, while work is continuing to find Corrie’s Nokia Lumia phone, which was in a black case and traced to the Barton Mills area.

The serviceman, based at RAF Honington, has now been missing for 10 weeks after vanishing at 3.24am on September 24.

Having become separated from his friends after a night out in Bury St Edmunds, he bought a takeaway from Mama Mia in St Andrew’s Street North after midnight and fell asleep in the doorway of Hughes Electrical Store, in Brentgovel Street, for a couple of hours.

A public search is being planned for a weekend later this month, meanwhile.

Those taking part must be over 18 and physically suitable for the terrain and conditions.

[Source – Forces TV ]

Please call CrimeStoppers on 0800 555 111 or Call (in confidence) one of the following numbers

07379 333 024

07379 333 025

These phones will be answered by Corrie’s family and trusted close friends.

You might not have seen Corrie but every little bit of information helps to create a picture and will help guide investigations.