Fundraising / Donations – 12th November Update

– Many people have kindly offered to start ‘just giving’ type funds to raise money to help the family with the cost of living away from home for so long. We have declined all such offers and instead asked anyone who can afford to, to make a donation to SULSAR instead. If you see ANY site attempting to collect money in Corrie’s or the family’s name other than SULSAR, it is bogus. Please do not donate any money to it and immediately report it to us and the site operating it

– As time passes it may become increasingly challenging to manage the cost of maintaining a presence in BSE for Nicola, Makeyan & Darroch. If that becomes the case, I would open such a fund request, to support them only (not myself) – It would be controlled and audited by an independently appointed accountant (I, Tony Wringe, would pay their costs). Let’s hope that does not become necessary though.