Fundraising – Thankyou Cherly Hickman – Update 5th January 2017

Thank you to Cheryl Hickman for setting up and administering the Just Giving page and for doing so much more to help, with no regard to the time or cost to yourself – you are a very special person! The generosity shown by so many people has been incredible and allows us to do so much that we would not otherwise be able to. We previously committed to keep you updated on how we are using YOUR money; the first expenditure update will be given in February because we haven’t actually spent any of the money yet (we have incurred some costs, but have met them ourselves so far, a small amount of which will be reimbursed). However, it starts formally tomorrow with the formal arrival our PI Team.

I am delighted to be able to tell you that we have been able to secure the services of an Elite team of specialists (some of whom are colleagues from the organisation I used to work with) to support our efforts to find Corrie. The team will be working hard to provide the best possible assistance to the Suffolk Police Major Investigation Team.