‘Horseshoe Area’ – Update 5th January 2017

There have only ever been 3 possibilities of what happened that night:

  1. Corrie is still in the Horseshoe area (or remained there until after 1600hrs on the Saturday)
  2. He left on foot
  3. He left in a vehicle

The early priority should have been to eliminate options as quickly as possible.

The most obvious would be to clear the area he was last seen, to positively establish that he was NOT still in the area. This would then allow the Investigation team to reduce the number of scenarios they would have to focus on.

We cannot consider the Horseshoe area to have been ‘Forensically’ cleared until all of the premises within the vicinity that could have been accessed outside of camera view have been forensically cleared (in the scientific meaning of the word, not just ‘looked at’).

At this time, not all of those properties have been cleared, it is important to note that this is not because of the owners of those properties are preventing it.