Left in a vehicle? – 20th November Update

  • 4 vehicles are known to have been in the ‘Horeshoe’ area in the time window being reviewed. ALL have now been identified.
  • The Bin Lorry. The bin Lorry collected 1 bin. Recycling waste. The lorry had cameras on it, but they are for viewing only, not recording. The bin it collected was weighed when it was lifted into the back, showing only 11kg of material was in it (Corrie is around 85Kg). It then drove to its next pick up in Mildenhall, then on to the recycling centre. It did pass by Fiveways roundabout at Barton Mills, but we know for certain that it did not stop at any point on its journey from BSE to the next pick up or its final destination.
  • The waste is emptied out of the vehicle and then a supervised sortation process occurs. We are told that it is possible that a phone might pass through this process and be destroyed or disposed of in landfill, but we are told that a body would have been found at this point. It was decided that the amount of effort involved to search the landfill was not worth the potential return of what by then would be a physically contaminated and probably smashed phone. This is why the landfill was never searched. It is too late to search it now as there are tens of tonnes of refuse on top of the area where the phone may (or may not) be.
  • This does mean that from an investigation perspective, the phone is still considered as being outstanding. So please do keep on the look out for a black Nokia Lumia, it was in a black case at the time.
  • The phone pinged the micro-mast at Barton Mills. This only means that it was within Broadcast range of the mast. Due to time proximity, it does seem most likely that the phone was in the Bin lorry, but that is not certain. It could have been in another vehicle and possibly on an entirely different road – See mast broadcast radius below.
  • Investigations into the other 3 vehicles from the ‘Horseshoe’ continue. Speculation about them would not be helpful at this stage. There is no need to speculate further on a ‘silver car’ at this point either.

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3G Coverage Results4G Coverage Results