Left on foot? – 20th November Update

  • The CCTV for the inner & outer camera rings surrounding the ‘Horseshoe’ has only been viewed until 0800hrs on Saturday 24th. It has been physically tested and proven that a person can not leave this area on foot without being seen by at least one of the cameras. Corrie is not seen leaving on foot.
  • The work to view the outstanding CCTV is delayed due to resource issues (both human and technical). This is largely due to there being other major investigations in the Force area being launched (2 murders), which take priority over what is still classified as a ‘Missing Person’ investigation. The team continue to try and work within these constraints and are seeking to engage the services of other expert organisations to assist, but this may take some time. We can all thank our previous Home Secretary for the chronic lack of Police resources – please feel free to write to her or your local MP, the media etc. to share your views on this – we’re pretty sure if she had a Serviceman in her family and he was missing, there would no shortage of resources to find them and it would be headline news everyday until they did.
  • 39 People have been detected on CCTV in the ‘Horeshoe’ general area in the target time window.
  • 16 have been positively identified.
  • 23 remain unidentified.
  • 9 of those who remain unidentified are described as “a person in dark clothing”
  • In the next few days the Investigation Team will be making direct, TV media appeals asking the public to help identify some of these individuals.
  • Many of you refer to the ‘person in dark clothing’ who was seen exiting the ‘Horseshoe’ area a few minutes after Corrie went in. This is correct. This is one of the unidentified people that will be shown in the appeal for assistance.
  • Next weekend, to coincide with the Christmas market, the Police POD will return to the Market area in BSE to allow people to go in and view the CCTV themselves. We will be asking for anyone who would like to volunteer to help with handing out leaflets at the market, to let people know the POD is there.
  • We will be handing out leaflets on Thursday evening at the Christmas market, volunteers welcome – please come and say ‘hello’ if you like.