McKenzie Intelligence Services (MIS) – Update 5th January 2017

MIS provide specialist Intelligence services to Government agencies and Fortune 500 clients globally.

Operating for over 6 years, providing world class expertise from a team comprised of ex-British Military Intelligence operators, analysts, and other Special Forces, Security and Police agencies. MIS possesses a unique depth and breadth of experience in covert, clandestine and overt operations across the world.

MIS has the capability to leverage the full spectrum of Intelligence collection capabilities and incorporates the very latest data acquisition and analytics software in order to accelerate the Intelligence cycle.

The Company has maintained lasting, successful relationships with some of the world’s largest Insurance and fraud investigation organisations and has successfully supported a number of national and international, complex missing persons cases.

The Company has a detailed understanding of relevant UK legislation governing collection activities and data management.

The Team has expert capability in the following areas:

Data collection, collation & analysis
IMINT – Imagery Intelligence
HUMINT – Human Intelligence (Agent targeting and Handling)
SIGINT – Signals Intelligence, Technical/Communications Intelligence
Surveillance – Technical and Physical

As the team spin up, you may notice a short period of time where Nicola and myself are less available or responsive to private messaging and comments etc. we appreciate your understanding and patience as we go through this brief transition process. Please be assured that we will still see all of your posts and messages as normal though.