News Coverage – 9th January 2017

We started off seeing each other, it was quite casual, we were both seeing other people at the time and then we sort of led on to have conversations where by we thought it was getting serious and what we were going to do and what plans we had. So, yeah we were sort of getting on our way to being just us and happy and seeing what we wanted out of each other and where it was going.

Source [ video of BBC Look East published on thesun.co.uk ]


I have decided to tell everyone now because I am at the stage in my pregnancy where I am happy, I’m slightly more emotionally relaxed as well as anything, however this will be the only thing that I do given the stress levels that I’m under anyway.

It’s something I just want to be put out there and then I am asking the public and the press to politely leave me alone.

Source [ video from BBC Look East published on mirror.co.uk ]

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