Photo sent was RECEIVED at 03.08


On the 26th January 2017 East Anglian Daily Times ran two articles where Suffolk Police answered specific questions, please see the below for the Police response

Does CCTV of Corrie in Hughes’s doorway on the night he vanished show him using his phone? Someone received a message from Corrie at 3.08am but it is not clear if that’s when it was sent.

End Update

17th January 2017 – Update from Nicola on the Find Corrie 💙 group

I have found a bit of information out that I feel should be shared as the police and I have previously stated this. But I now have new information.
We all know that corrie sent a photo via an app at 3.08…… however the FACT as I have now had confirmed by police, is the photo was RECEIVED at 3.08, I do not actually know the exact time it was sent.

I have been told by police it was between 01.10 and 04.19 that his phone was on the mast but they do not know when it was sent.

I’m hopeful that corrie will be seen using his phone on CCTV and this will clarify he did still have his phone after he woke up.

It was my belief that corrie would have been aware of time and place as he was using his phone. I’m concerned this may not be the case, so I’m hopeful we can get some clarification.