Public Searches – Update 20th December 2016

Nicola passes on her sincere thanks for the overwhelming support received in regard to the recent search that was organised. Importantly, it achieved its aim of searching an area to a standard that allows it to be considered ‘cleared’. She specifically asked for the following to be recognised individually:

Andy King from SULSAR for leading from the front and making the whole day possible, in spite of the Search teams only finishing another search they were asked to conduct only hours before.

To all of the search teams from Suffolk, Norfolk and Cambridgeshire for their incredible help and support for the untrained volunteers who joined in. To the 4×4 Response team for moving everyone around so efficiently (another team of volunteers who I’m sure would welcome any financial support from that those who can afford to give). To the ladies and Jake who helped with providing such excellent catering for the whole day.
…and to the ‘lovely lady’ who lived in the house next to the field where everyone assembled, who’s kettle drew more power from the national grid that day than a small town! Thank you.

The search activity for next week will involve aerial assets, so no volunteers on the ground required, thank you.

The next search involving volunteers is likely to be early in the new year, although possibly sooner – but won’t need quite the same level of numbers or logistical support, as it will be more targeted, based on intelligence gathered. An Event will be set up to inform everyone, once confirmed.

The next major search will be 22nd Jan, where 40 volunteers will be asked to assist – please look for the ‘Search’ Post on the Find Corrie 💙 Facebook Group. Please hold any comments regarding Search activity for this post. Thanks.