Q51 – Is Corrie going to be a father?

9th January 2017 – Update from Nicola (Corries mother)  and family in the Find Corrie 💙 Facebook Group:

As most will be aware, April did an interview today with her mum and myself supporting her.

This was an incredibly difficult day today for all of us.

April has never done any press before and was incredibly nervous. (any person that feels they can make a derogatory comment, please expect to be deleted without explanation)

Due to some of the comments going up, I feel I have to explain the circumstances for those that are not watching her interview and putting comments on.

April and Corrie have been seeing each other for a short time before Corrie went missing. They were just getting to the stage of moving to the next step and becoming more serious, talking about their future together (just like any young couple).

April went to America with her family for a holiday to watch her father who was completing a run, this had been arranged for a long time.
April was in America when Corrie went missing, although at the other side of the world, April cut her holiday short to come back home.

April attended her Dr’s in the middle of October and it was confirmed she was pregnant. (it upsets me that I feel I have to clarify this, but some people are trying to claim that April and even Corrie knew prior to this. THIS IS NOT THE CASE.)

At this time April told a select few people she was pregnant, and as she had an incredibly difficult decision to make.

April asked that nothing was said privately or publicly about her relationship with Corrie at this time.
Corrie did not know or have any idea that April was pregnant.

April has made the decision, which we fully support, not to tell the public when she is due, as again, this will be a media circus and it is utterly unfair to expect a young girl to cope with this especially given what she is going through.

As it is factually correct to be saying Corrie was single and enjoying this, as they were both seeing other people initially.

I had no problem what so ever in protecting April during this time.

The police were fully aware of the circumstances, so this had no effect on the investigation in any way shape or form. (you were not lied too, if you feel so strongly that you were and unjustly treated, you are perhaps not best placed staying on this page)

Being pregnant can be a stressful and emotional time at best, but under these circumstances the pressure April is under is immense. The thought that the media attention will now be directed at her when all she wants, like us all, is Corrie home is causing April even more stress.

However people were starting to work it out and were sending me and her comments, this was becoming more and more public. April had got safely through her first trimester, she felt now was the time to say publicly as she was scared it would come out without the correct facts and possibly in a manner that would cause even more anxiety and effect the search for Corrie.

On a personal note, this is my first grandchild, never in my worst nightmares did I ever consider this is how it would happen.

It should be the happiest time in all our lives.

It is incredibly hard to keep emotions in check but I have to.

Corrie is missing. we need him back, I need to know have done absolutely every single thing in my power and ability to find Corrie, not just for my own sanity and that of my boys, but also for this innocent child.

If people wish to make comments, I do understand the need people feel to do this, can they please send these in private messages only.  We do not wish any comments on the main page. This is Aprils request, which I fully support.

Thank you.
Nicola, Makeyan, Darroch and family x

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