Search for Corrie Continues – 12th November

The MIT (Major Investigation Team) have called in new, specialist teams from other forces and external agencies to assist with some specific technical and search activities. This delivers an important increase in both capacity and capability.

From the outset we have always stated there are only 3 possibilities of what could have happened to Corrie from where he was last seen on camera going into the ‘horseshoe’ bin area behind the shops at the top of Short Brackland street:

Option 1. He is still in the ‘Horseshoe’ area or one of the buildings backing onto it.
Option 2. He left on foot
Option 3. He left in a vehicle

The priority should therefore have been to try and eliminate these possibilities one by one, in order to direct the focus of the investigation further away from the site where he was last seen, if appropriate.

Option 1 – The Investigation Team quickly ruled out option 1, following forensic searches that were conducted in and around the bin area (including the fire exits, commercial and residential properties, bins, drains, roofs, etc.).

Option 2 – Analysis of the cctv evidence allows us to also discount Option 2, for the time window being reviewed. Corrie did not leave on foot.

Option 3 – Analysis into option 3 continues. This includes further, technical analysis of the bin lorry’s movements using experts from SCIT analysing Tachograph data for example, and technical analysis of the possibility of a phone moving with it.

As additional information is gathered and an increasing intelligence picture is developed, the following actions are being undertaken now:

– Specialist search resources/assets, under the direction of PolSA (SO20) will conduct searches in targeted areas, some of which have been previously searched, others which have not. You may see some of this activity within BSE in the next few days.

– CCTV analysis is being extended across a wider physical and temporal range, using enhanced capabilities with the support of other agencies.

– Technical interrogation of cellular activity is being progressed, as much as is possible within the constraints of the RIPA act (2000) and DPA.

Wide Area Searches (Public):

– Search activity continues outside of BSE, with SULSAR, the Police and RAF expert search resources. There is a complex planning process which determines what areas are searched by what resources & assets, to target prioritised search perimeters and zones within them. A huge area has already been covered.

– Specific areas have been identified where a ‘wide area search’ may be the best option. This will involve inviting public volunteers to work under the direction of a Search Leader. We are planning for this eventuality now. We will post an event on the Facebook Group Find Corrie ♥ shortly, asking for volunteers. Please consider the purpose of this search and the terrain involved – therefore we will have to impose certain conditions on suitability to be involved, as well as indemnity/liability agreements.

Door Knock/Leaflets:

– A door knock has just been carried out by the Investigation Team in targeted areas in the vicinity of where Corrie was last seen. If you were not in and received a leaflet through the door. Please do complete it and return it using the pre-paid envelope. If you think you have any information of note, from the specific questions asked, please do call the investigation team number straight away.


– If you were IN a vehicle between 2300 – 0800hrs on the night of Friday 23rd Sep, into Sat 24th Sep, in the immediate area where Corrie was last seen, or at the Tesco or Barton Mills roundabouts Please contact the Incident room number 01473 782019 immediately.
Information Already Supplied:

– A number of you have contacted us on our Facebook Group Find Corrie ♥ to tell us you contacted the Incident room number or 101 previously with information, but were never contacted back. We have spoken with the team about this and have provided examples. In most cases they were able to refer to the contact. It is an area being reviewed. We are preparing and will pass to the team a single list of all such notices we have received. Please do NOT contact us to tell us you contacted US previously… We have all of the messages we have ever been sent! (Just trying to avoid a tidal wave of messages!!).