Searches – 20th November Update

  • The ‘Horseshoe’. This area, including the buildings backing on to the ‘Horseshoe’ were checked by an external, expert search team. We can say with certainty that he is not there now. That is not to say that he was not there at some point.
  • The A14. The road was closed to conduct a search of an area of verge, which was in response to a report received and where aerial surveillance was not comprehensive due to ground foliage. The timing of the search of this area was not significant, it just takes a bit of time to arrange the closure of such a main arterial route. Nothing was found.
  • Mildenhall/Barton Mills. Various areas around Mildenhall & Barton Mills (Fiveways) have been searched in the past week, some of which were previously searched, others are new. Nothing found.
  • Public Search. Based on other activities and lines of inquiry, we decided to delay calling the public search intended for this week. We are assessing this day by day and will create the event on the page as soon as we take the decision to go ahead, which may be this week.
  • Nothing significant was returned from the door knock or leaflet drop, however a number of responses are outstanding. If you received a leaflet saying the team had knocked your door, please do fill out the leaflet and post it back in the pre-paid envelope.