Social Media – 3rd December Update

Many of you have noticed and notified us that you have seen activity on a number of Corrie’s social media accounts recently – please feel free to continue to tell us when you see this, but please don’t be alarmed.

There’s other techie stuff going on in the background as you would expect nowadays – a few of you have posted about certain things, please just assume we are using all available agencies to the legal extent possible, but obviously we can’t write about the details.

What doesn’t help however, is nebulous and unfounded statements being made on websites like Websleuths (where they have no greater access to information than we share with all of you on the Find Corrie Facebook Group or on this website) and it then gets repeated on the Find Corrie Facebook Group as fact – if you don’t read it on the Find Corrie Facebook Group or on this website, from one of the family then treat it with caution.