ELINT – Technical – 6th November Update

Social Media / App evaluation

The Police and other agencies are assisting with cellular mast interrogation and social media/app evaluation.

To answer some specific questions that have been asked a lot in this regard:

Yes Corrie is a member of Tinder, Plenty of fish, Instagram and a number of other apps.

No, he is not a member of Grindr – Corrie is not gay.

Barton Mills is a known Dogging and Swingers site, however It is also close to the refuse site where the bin Lorry was headed. It should also be noted that Triangulation to the cellular mast where Corrie’s phone pinged on the Saturday morning (as with any mast) just means the phone was within broadcast radius – this can be hundreds of metres or even kilometres. Hence the uncertainty of where exactly it was and why people should still be vigilant for the phone in the surrounding area.