Suffolk Lowland Search & Rescue – Update 15th February 2017

This Sunday sees the 3rd public search taking place with around 40 public volunteers joining members of SULSAR , Norfolk Lowland Search and Rescue, Cambridgeshire Search and Rescue (CamSAR), Essex Search and Rescue – Essex Lowland Search and Rescue and Norfolk & Suffolk 4×4 Response. We will again be assisted by cadaver dogs from as far away as Yorkshire

Dottie , Jake and their team will again be their keeping the teams feed and watered with both hot and cold food all day , this is greatly appreciated by everyone , thank you so much.

Areas around #Mildenhall, #BartonMills will again be searched including farm land, woodland and heath-land.
Those of you who have been informed that you can attend the search please come prepared with the appropriate out door clothing, remember no jeans as they wick water so quickly.
Remember to bring gloves, broom handle type pole for thrashing undergrowth, waterproof clothing.
Once out with a team you need to have sufficient liquid and food to last you several hours.

Please do not attend if you are not feeling well on the day as this will take it out of you.

On another note I would like to thank Colin Davey of Top the Lot gambling who has very generously donated £5000.00 to the team, and following a meeting with Colin has pledged to help and assist the team further with funding and assistance.

Thank you Dottie and her fantastic team of ladies who not only go out in all weathers to feed people living on the streets , but also organised a charity function in Mildenhall Social Club last Saturday that raised an amazing £1293.28 for the SULSAR team. Thanks also to Billy John Cornish and code of conduct of the music and John and the social club for the venue.

Thanks to every one who attended, it was a really good night.
Our thanks continues to go to all the people still donating money to our donate page on our web page www.sulsar.org.uk and purchasing items off the amazon page.

All funds that we receive, every single penny goes towards the running of the team for equipment etc.

What we lack is new information in relation to Corrie, we still have no new information now than we did on the first night, so please help us out and give us something to go on, because someone knows what happened to Corrie and where he is. Please tell so we can return him to his family

Thank you all again

Andy King

Suffolk Lowland Search and Rescue

Alternatively, you can always donate direct to the team by either;
Texting SSAR01 £1 to 70070
Or by checking out our Wishlist on Amazon

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