SULSAR update on the second public search for Corrie

As many of you are aware today saw the second public search for #CorrieMckeague.

I have to report that despite the enormous effort by all who attended today we are no closer to finding Corrie, as no clues of any type were found.

Thanks must go to everyone who turned out in extremely cold conditions to search areas of #Kingsforest, #MildenhallWoods , #CavenhamHeath and large areas of farmland.

Some of those taking part were members from Cambridgeshire Search and Rescue (CamSAR), Norfolk Lowland Search and Rescue, Essex Search and Rescue – Essex Lowland Search and Rescue and Norfolk & Suffolk 4×4 Response, your assistance was greatly appreciated and we hope we are able to return the favour in the future. We thank you all for your support.

Thanks also go to the 5 cadaver dog teams who travelled from as far away as Yorkshire and covered an amazingly large area between them. We thank you greatly for your assistance

Thanks also goes to the drone team from Lincolnshire who covered areas of the river Lark not easily accessible from the bank.

Last but not least to the members of the public who assisted with today’s search. Thanks to the 40 who joined our search teams and looked for Corrie in some very cold conditions.

Special Thanks to the catering team who kept all the teams fed and watered for the whole day, you did an amazing job and your efforts were greatly appreciated by all.

The day saw approximately 150 people participating in the search in some form, which was deemed by the search managers as very successful.

The search management team will now review all of the search areas covered to date before discussing with Nicola and the family the next move.

Without further information to go on, it is becoming increasingly difficult to establish new search areas. There has to be some logic and reason for a search area to be covered, or it may be considered as a rest of the world situation and as you can appreciate
that’s just not a feasible way of searching.

We will keep you informed of any updates once we have met with Nicola and the family.

The generosity of the general public continues to astound the team and we thank you all from the bottom of our hearts.

Thank you all so much

Andy King
Suffolk Lowland Search & Rescue

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[Source: Suffolk Lowland Search & Rescue Facebook Page]