Thank you – 12th November Update

– The list of people to thank gets longer every day… Literally – 60,536+ on our Facebook Group Find Corrie ♥, everyone Tweeting on Twitter and everyone reading our website and spreading the word.

– To everyone who has written someone a letter, sent out an email, submitted a post or replied with a comment, hash tagged, tweeted, handed out leaflets, printed posters, said hello, kept an eye out, just thought about Corrie; thank you. Humbly and sincerely, thank you from Nicola, Darroch, Makeyan and the whole family.

– SUSLAR. An amazing group of people. Volunteers! The amount of time this small group of people have given up from being with their own families and friends to look for someone they don’t even know with such dedication and perseverance; from our family to you and yours – we truly appreciate your incredible altruism. Thank you.

If you have the means, please do consider making a donation, however small to SULSAR. We can assure you it will be gratefully received and faithfully applied.

– Cheryl and her team at The Bull Inn. For all your help – such generosity and compassion. 😊

– Jo Leach. For hacking out instead of getting hacked off!

– Jake Game. Founder of the Facebook Group Find Corrie ♥; responsible for bringing together a community on-line and in person. A young man who has rightly been nominated for an award to recognise his contribution to his community and our family. We hope he receives the public recognition he deserves, but also know that it was not his motivation. We all wish him well for Tuesday night with his nomination for ‘Young Person of the Year’ in Bury St Edmunds.

It has been 49 days since Corrie vanished. It is entirely out of character.
There is no evidence of any preparation to disappear and no known issue or event that would suddenly cause him to want to flee.
We are told he is not in the area he was last seen, based on forensic searches.
Tests have physically proved that a person cannot leave that area on foot without being seen on CCTV. He is not seen leaving the area on any of the CCTV footage.

The search continues. #findcorrie