Thank You’s – 20th November Update

  • You! Yes, you….thank you for joining the Facebook Find Corrie 💙 Group . Thank you for posting, commenting, tweeting – but mostly for talking to people in person, the message is so much more powerful in person. On behalf of Nicola, Makeyan and Darroch, thank you again so much – so many people taking out so much of their own time, money and energy to help a family they don’t even know is truly humbling.
  • Thank you for all of the offers of assistance and kindness. We’re so sorry if you’ve made an offer of support and we haven’t responded – please know this is simply a demonstration of how incredibly generous so many people are being that we simply don’t have the capacity to process and respond to all of them. If SULSAR got a pound for every time one of us has facepalmed and proclaimed “oh ****, I meant to respond to the one about….” – they’d be on £10k by now!
  • Congratulations to Jake Game for being a Finalist in the Bury annual citizens awards ceremony. A fantastic achievement and thoroughly deserved. Jake is still very much around and involved, but please understand he is a young man with an education to concentrate on, which is why we arranged to reduce the load he was trying to balance.

Facebook Find Corrie 💙 Group Admin Points:

Please all start from the assumption that anyone else on the group is here to help and means well – until they prove otherwise.

  • If something offends you, please ignore it or report it – but don’t react to it. ‘Be like Bill’. 😉
  • Please don’t feel the need to PM all of us with the same issue/question/concern – just one of us at a time. If you PM all of us, the likelihood is we’ll assume one of the others will respond, meaning none of us will!
  • Please don’t be offended if posts or comments are deleted – as mentioned previously, there are a number of reasons why this might happen. But also please bear in mind that all of the Admin are family members – submitting posts to tell us about good or bad outcomes of other missing persons cases is not very helpful.
    …and to those still determined to PM me about Mediums and Psychics – if they were really any good, they’d have already warned you I’m going to delete the message and block you without replying!
  • Thank you again to Rosie, who many of you won’t know has been working with Jake in the background since day 1 – you’re a star! 😊

– I think it is also important to acknowledge and thank the Police investigation team who have taken some criticism so far, including from me. There are things we would all have liked to have seen done differently; we will review them at the right time in the future. The lack of resources as a result of chronic underfunding across the public sector is the root cause of all of the issues we’ve experienced so far. It seems wrong that our Government can spend £4Bn to renovate the palatial Parliamentary building that our MP’s call their office, but we can’t pay for the basic tools our Police officers need to be able to do their job? It seems perverse that we always find money to start wars in other countries, but never to manage the peace back home?