The Bin Lorry(s) / Refuse Site(s) – Update 30th January 2017

The irresponsible ‘journalism’ by a National newspaper that wrongly named one of the Biffa employees as being the driver who was on duty that night, is reprehensible.  The Police were made aware of their intent to publish by Nicola when one of their staff door-stepped her and told her about it whilst attempting to solicit a comment from her. Nicola declined to comment and immediately contacted the MIT.  Rightly the company and the Police contacted the paper and they withdrew the story, but sadly they had already published.  Someone posted it into a comment on the Find Corrie 💙 group, as soon as we saw it, it was deleted and an immediate request for nobody else to name him (or anyone else on the Find Corrie 💙 group, as was already the requested policy). Hopefully the paper will be sued for such irresponsible behaviour.

Nicola received a call from the individual’s family thanking her for acting so quickly to try and protect their identity.

Please don’t anyone here name anybody on the Find Corrie 💙 group – these are real human beings with families and a right to privacy and a right to be treated as innocent until proven guilty. If you have a concern or believe you know something, then please pass the information on privately – thank you.

Separately; acting on an observation that we made, the Police performed a technical test relating to Corrie’s phone and the bin lorry – it was inconclusive, but we are still assessing the outcome as it may form part of a further collection plan.