The Bin Lorry(s) / Refuse Site(s) – Update 5th January 2017

The Bin Lorry that arrived in the early hours of Saturday morning (around 40 minutes after Corrie went into the Horseshoe) was a private firm collecting 1 Bin from the back of Greggs, containing recycling waste only (paper & cardboard).

The vehicle is fitted with a tail-lift collection system that has an inbuilt weighing system that weighs the bin as it lifts it.

It knows the weight of one of those bins empty – so can work out automatically how much stuff is inside the bin as it tips it into the back of the lorry.

It weighed 11Kilos of waste going in – Corrie is around 85 Kilos. The weighing system on the back of that Lorry was calibration tested – it was accurate. The vehicle is single-crewed. It does have cameras fitted, but they view only (to assist manoeuvring the vehicle), they do not record.

All of the other bins in the main Horseshoe and the 2nd loading bay (see the quick diagram I’ve made and attached) were not collected until 2-4 days later.

The bins in the Horseshoe were collected for forensic testing shortly before Christmas; the bins in the other loading bay area and the loading bay area itself have never been forensically searched – Corrie could have accessed this area without being detected on CCTV.

The bins from these areas go to different disposal sites. The recycling bin that was collected on the Saturday morning was taken to the recycling centre, where the Investigation team have been told that it would not be possible for a body to pass through the system without being detected, and that if it did go through the Incinerator would not be completely destroyed (bones would not be completely reduced). It is also believed that the phone would be detected before destruction, for recycling purposes. The whole process is under cctv oversight.

The other site is slightly different, but similar assurances have been given.

Different materials pass through the sortation process at different points, some of which ends up going to Landfill. The area that waste was tipped into the Landfill site is known, but has never been searched.