The Bins / Bin Lorry – Update 20th December 2016

There are private and public (council) operated bins and refuse collection vehicles which operate in this area. The recycling bin which was collected in the early hours of the 24th from the ‘Horseshoe’ was collected by a private operator (full details on the website, including confirming the vehicles weighing scales were calibrated and accurate). The Investigation team sought details of this process from the Company and assured the family that it would not be possible for a body to pass through the waste processing steps undiscovered – this has not been verified by the family, yet. However, it is understood that part of the assumption here is based on the fact that much of the waste is immediately incinerated at 1100c (to burn rubbish, but not metals), however once it exits the furnace it is checked manually – human bones would pass through this process relatively intact (needs to be over 1600c) and so should have been spotted if this had happened – but assumes someone was checking.

It was some days before either the bin or the bin lorry were seized and searched.

>10 weeks after Corrie disappeared, the Investigation team collected the remaining bins from the bin area Corrie was last seen in to conduct forensic testing on them. We do not know if this will reveal anything after so much time.