“The Horseshoe” CCTV Map – Update – Nicola – 30th December 2016

This does not show all the cameras. However if you look at the pink and white circle it shows where corrie was last seen.

There is only 1 camera that looks into the horseshoes area.

This camera rotates.  When this camera does rotate it means corrie can now walk around the whole area without being seen on CCTV.   He cannot leave as the other cameras are all fixed.   But corrie could easily cross the road to all the buildings and walk in or be taken in there.  But again because of the cameras at the bottom of the road could not leave the area either.   Yet police will not search.
As this is private property.   I cannot search myself.   It is only the police that can search.  

I have been asking from the very beginning.   But I cannot, with the facts I am being given by the police, find a justifiable reasonable logical reason how this can be refused on the grounds of there is no intelligence or evidence so they won’t search.  

At this time, not all of these properties have been searched, it is important to note that this is not because of the owners of these properties are preventing it.

There is no evidence or intelligence that corrie had entered, been dragged or overcome the security of a single property in the horseshoe, yet, and as it should be. It has been searched but 20feet away won’t be.

This quite simply does not add up.

I had clarified this earlier. However I think it’s been lost in the sheer volume of comments on our Find Corrie 💙 Facebook Group.

To reiterate:

The lovely lady from THE FURNITURE MARKET it used to be the mill shop, has put a very comprehensive update on in relation to her property.
I can confirm that after I had brought concerns about possible cellars the police did exactly as is described below.

I am completely aware of this individual search. I am also aware as I have said previously that the police have carried out roof top observations. They have NOT however carried out a search in every building corrie could have gained access to. (They have done this in the horseshoe)

I would also like to confirm that the owner has been extremely helpful and if any single person feels I have implied in any way what so ever that shop owners or house owners have been obstructive in even the tiniest way. This is absolutely not the case.
If I have caused any distress or problems I apologise profusely.

I was trying to explain the area behind the premises as this is where corrie could have gained access to the roofs of all the properties in the area. I never ment to imply that you were not helping in every way possible. Again. I am very sorry x

I am one of the owners of the new business, Furniture Market, that is now occupying the old Mill House Fabrics shop that, quite rightly, a lot of people have shown concern about supposedly having not been searched. I’d like to take the opportunity to clear up any misunderstandings and to answer the questions that have been raised. We took possession of the shop on 18th October this year, around 3 1/2 weeks after Corrie disappeared. There were no signs of forced entry to the property when we took possession. When the police carried out the last rooftop/forensic search of the horseshoe area on 21st/22nd November, they asked to search the shop, which they were allowed to do. We even made sure that we showed them the attic and 2 fire escapes on the top floor which lead down staircases towards the loading bay at the rear of the property. They also searched other properties adjacent to ours. Nothing relating to Corrie was found.
Earlier this month, Corrie’s Mum, Nicola came into the shop and spoke to me of her concerns about information she had been given regarding potential cellar space underneath the property. We have never found cellar space or access to it from our property and there appears to be no access to anything like that from outside the building. The day after this conversation, a police sergeant turned up at the shop and asked to search for the cellar space based on the information that Nicola had given them. He was allowed to do a second complete search of the building on both floors including all cupboard spaces, the attic and all fire escapes. Again, nothing was found. I’m not sure why this information hasn’t been passed on to Corrie’s family by the police but please be assured that there have been 2 searches of Furniture Market (old Mill House Fabrics) and we are more than happy to assist with the investigation in any way possible. Corrie’s family are also more than welcome to search the property if this would help to put their minds at rest in terms of him not being in the shop. All the properties in that row, Boots Opticians, Celebrity Nails, the office and ourselves are owned by the same landlords but obviously have different tenants. I can only speak for us at Furniture Market but there will be no need for the police to get a warrant, and never will be, as we have never refused permission for a search to take place and have actively welcomed 2 searches of the property so far. I hope that this goes some way to answering some of your questions, particularly those of Corrie’s family.