Update regarding unidentified persons

17th January 2017 – Update from Nicola on Find Corrie 💙

Only 2 people are left to identify. The black car is a taxi and has been identified.

These images are the new ones provided to me by suffolk police to be shared on this page. It is suffolk police who have approved these.

Please don’t alter the photos and we are only looking for the people described.
Don’t name on the page.
Contact the police incident room if you can identify anyone please

Image 8 is person on bike.
Image 26 is male with glasses.

End Update

Update from Nicola on Find Corrie 💙

Due to the outstanding efforts on this page, and with thanks to the MIT team for thinking outside the box and using the power of social media to its fullest. The police now have possible identities to investigate for the 2 of the 3 remaining images we have on the page.

The other 2 that were identified have been confirmed and are assisting police.

The only person we still do not have a name for is image 26 the older person who looks like they are wearing glasses.

I will leave the images up until I have them confirmed.

PLEASE REMEMBER ALL THESE PEOPLE ARE INNOCENT. This could be a member of your family so be kind x
You are all amazing. Thank you so very much for all your help in identifying everyone. X

5 unidentified persons on CCTV