Vile comments on FB and Messenger

From Nicola (Corrie’s mother) on our Find Corrie 💙 Facebook group

Although, anyone that has just watched Darroch on Facebook live they will see that there are things about Corrie’s life that he wishes people would just leave alone we know it has nothing to do with the investigation and realise I am predominantly feeding the haters.

Sadly their vile comments do have an effect.  The actions of these people and their desire for attention knows no limits and there are always those out there that will encourage them no matter how desperate or sad.

Last week April had to publicly tell the world about her private life, something we all tried to keep private for both her and their baby, predominantly at Aprils insistence as Aprils main concern is finding Corrie, she did not want this to turn into a media circus but sadly others would not leave her alone and were constantly messaging hateful remarks to us. After many long discussions April, her parents and us all felt she was really left with no choice as it was coming out anyway. with our full support we helped this happen.

As April said in her interview, she would not be doing anymore press, however these hateful people are not willing to give her any peace. This is a young woman going through the most emotional time of her life and the behaviour of these people, feel they still need to rip people apart.
So I am back here again providing information about a young couples private life as these awful people feel its appropriate to cut and paste Aprils photos and post them on here and send them to the press.

April has asked me to post this on the page.
Corrie and April were on dating sites, they are young and were enjoying themselves. They were both seeing other people, this has not been hidden.
April and Corrie had a fabswingers account, to the haters, get over it. This is none of your business, April could have easily deleted her account as I could have deleted Corrie’s however what was far more important than a little embarrassment was that the police were informed immediately and given every ability to ensure this did not have anything to do with Corrie’s disappearance. Which they are still doing, I only hope they have had the time to carry out all investigations.

To every single member on this page who has respected their privacy and our wishes, that offers their support and writes positively please remember you are the majority, you are what gets us through this we are so grateful. Thank you x

On another note, quite a few people have asked if Corrie was suffering from depression and or mental health issues, NO he wasn’t.  I have already answered this question in comments on the page, so yet again, not something that has been hidden, and again, as the police were told about this immediately to ensure there wasn’t something that may have had something to do with Corrie’s disappearance.
It doesn’t. However, I will have to find the comment I replied to first and I will reprint it on here.

Darroch has said he wants to do another Facebook live tomorrow evening with Makeyan as he felt their were so many questions he did not get the chance to answer, so they are going to attempt it again together, so we will open a post to have questions so they can be properly organised.

Finally, keep asking us questions, we don’t care if we are repeating ourselves, if asked politely we don’t mind what the question is, it might be something we have not thought of yet.

If Corrie is not still in the horseshoe, he’s not left on foot and doesn’t appear to have gone in a vehicle or bin, then what we are left with is ridiculous as Corrie can’t fly, so any theory, any suggestion, anything that just doesn’t feel right, ask us, if you don’t want to ask on the page, that’s okay, ask us privately, we will answer, it just takes some time…. I currently have over 1300 private messages, so apologies, I’m getting there x x x

Those 2 little words again…….Thank you x