Volunteer Search – Update 30th January 2017

Our thanks yet again to all of the teams from Suffolk, Essex, Norfolk and Cambridgeshire Search and Rescue, again supported by 4×4 Response crews who helped orchestrate the search on the 22nd. In addition, the Drone flight and search dog teams from all over the country!

Again, I would like to emphasise that these searches are undertaken in collaboration with the Suffolk Police MIT. In this case, the POLSAR was on stand-by if required – as was the case, due to the separate discoveries of bones (non-human) and a grave – neither of which was related to the search for Corrie. In another demonstration of cooperation, the cadaver dogs that the family had sourced were then also made available to MIT to allow them to undertake a search they had previously been unable to complete.

A huge thank you to all of those group members who volunteered to help – many times more than we were permitted to use. For safety, we take very careful direction and instruction from the Search experts at SULSAR, who tell us how many people can be involved.

Huge thanks also to the ‘catering team’ – an Army marches on its stomach!