What’s Happening Now – Update 20th December 2016

We’re restarting the “Intelligence Cycle”…because we have to.

Nicola and her husband have over 31 years Police service between them, in a variety of roles including Family Liaison in cases such as this and in Forensic Collision Investigation as well as other Police service roles. Tony Wringe (Corrie’s Uncle) is former Telecommunications Engineer who then spent several years as an Intelligence & Security Operator with Military Intelligence (working in overt and covert Anti & Counter terrorism and counter Espionage roles around the world), and now work with the World’s leading Consulting firm in their Technology Programme Delivery Group. Between us and our immediate network of likeminded, professional friends (from the same services/industry areas), we have a very good understanding of exactly what the Investigation team should be doing and what assets and resources are available (or should be) to help them. It’s a tough job at the best of times and there are always things that one might do differently with hindsight – that’s normal. What is not acceptable is when our extended team of informed, experienced and professional experts cannot see the basic things happening that we would expect, or get incongruous answers to informed questions.

‘Intelligence’ in a Military or Police context is a product of a process – the Intelligence Cycle. It’s pretty simple:


You collect as much raw INFORMATION as you can, from as many sources as you can.
You put all of that Information together and separate the fact from the opinion and you index it.
You analyse it contextually, to arrive at assessments or probabilities (knowing what is fact and what is not)
You share this with appropriate people in a timely manner

At the point you share it, it becomes INTELLIGENCE. The people you share it with respond…with more information – and the cycle goes round again.

In the early days of Corrie’s disappearance, not enough focus was put on Collection. Actions were being taken based on Information, not Intelligence. A lot of information was either not collected or not collated – this must necessarily compromise the analysis and therefore resulting theories or actions.

A few examples of what the Collection should have involved:

a comprehensive sweep and capture of all CCTV (up to the point in time it was asked for – not an arbitrary time window imposed to unnecessarily restrict the available evidence).

At the time, it was not established that Corrie could not have walked out – therefore a Door Knock of the properties nearby should have been done. It wasn’t.

The Bins should have been seized immediately and forensically searched – 10 weeks.

The Cell tower logs should have been requested before they were over-written/timed out.

Public assistance to identify all of the unaccounted for individuals on the cctv could have happened 4 weeks sooner

The bin lorry Tachograph was not looked at for several weeks (in spite of an expert accident investigator recommending it should be looked in the first week)
COLLECTION feeds the Intelligence cycle – without it, you are guessing. Guessing who was in town. Guessing if the person you were looking for could have even left where you last saw them. Guessing where to send a volunteer search team to spend 5000+ hours searching? Guessing if you should search a rubbish tip?
We are gathering all of the information we can to review the information that was collected and to seek any new collection areas that might exist.

We are building a database to allow us to collate and analyse all of this information – because we have an expert team who are experienced, capable and available to do it…helped by around 80,000 friends. Once we’ve done that, we will communicate it – the Intelligence – to the Investigation team. To ask them to then use this to help them deploy the limited resources they have to be able to investigate; to combine it with the information and Intelligence they have developed through sources and capabilities we cannot formally access.

There have been comments in the press that we are not working with the Police or that the Police are not doing their job – neither is true. We both are. We needed your financial help to get there and bring us together…not to mention some very useful information, collation, analysis and communication work of your own! 😉
We’ll be organising some FB Live events in the next few days, individually with Nicola and myself, to answer questions and chat with you – we’ll create Events on the Group page.
Lastly, as Christmas approaches, please take the opportunity to cherish your own families and recognise the gift you have of being together, for each other.

Have a Merry Christmas and a Peaceful New Year